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3-4 / 5-7 / 7-12歲

我們的普通話課程既有趣,有創意又內容豐富! 我們鼓勵孩子們成為普通話專家呢!通過課程可以全面了解普通話和中國文化。 課堂有趣,包括大腦激發活動,孩子們不但可以輕鬆學習普通話,更可增進他們對中國文化和傳統價值的理解。

Age: 3-5
We will focus on developing children’s perception about the world, establishing a solid foundation in listening, comprehension and verbal communication through Mandarin. Children are rightly engaged through fun, brain-stimulating activities so that they can easily pick up Mandarin, enhance their understanding of Chinese culture, develop their cognitive skills, and improve their motor skills. We also attune their senses to the sounds and language flow in Mandarin. So, come and immerse in our Mandarin environment and bring your child a step closer to being a fluent Mandarin speaker!

Age: 5-7
We introduce Mandarin to children in an immersive listening, writing and speaking environment. Through the explorative active learning, children will naturally acquire new vocabularies, improve their language skills, and enhance their understanding of the Chinese culture and context. Children will develop strong communication skills and social skills so as to facilitate further social bonds with friends. Chinese cultural activities are introduced in creative ways. So, children will easily absorb Chinese traditional values and learn the basic chinese historical background.

Age: 7-12
We motivate children to be Mandarin experts! An overall comprehensive understanding of Mandarin and Chinese culture can be achieved through this programme. Children are engaged through fun, brain-stimulating activities so that they can easily pick up Mandarin, boost their understanding of Chinese culture and traditional values., and learn the basic historical background. We provide children a conductive and homogenous learning environment, build-up their self-esteem to use Chinese language, and further discover the love of Mandarin learning.

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