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The Metropolis Museum is an independent art museum with an educational mission. We aim to promote classical western art to the Hong Kong audience and help art be accessible for all.
Fine art is often regarded as elitist. The history and aesthetic theories behind the classical paintings are unfamiliar to many people. Yet, these artistic elements are the keys for us to understand the development of western art. Through thematic exhibitions and programmes, we aim to introduce masterpieces from classical art. By commissioning professional painters to replicate masterpieces, introducing the most advanced printing technologies and embracing a variety of immersive experiences, we hope to break the boundaries of art and share the knowledge one gathers from a visit to a museum with everyone. Our wish is to foster quality art encounters and enable people to enjoy art to its fullest.
  • – Replicas of original masterpieces from museums using new scanning and printing technologies for heritage conservation. Certain museums, like the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, 3D print and sell paintings identical to theirs. Thus rendering art accessible to all.
  • – We commission artists who specialize in replicating museum paintings to reproduce the paintings chosen for the exhibition.
  • – To embrace art and technology the museum will marry classical art and immersive experiences with projections, and augmented reality (AR).

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The Art & History Museum in addition to significant support from its Board of Trustees, receives contributions from many dedicated Sponsers and Partners.