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Kids who want to stay in our Base Camp will choose each day what they would like to sign up for.


(Includes: Watercolor, Acrylic paint, Diverse Arts and Crafts, Digital Media, Pottery, Seal carving, Chinese Calligraphy, Ink Painting, etc.)

  • Developing observation skills and creativity through art-making process
  • Exploring and experiencing different art mediums and art forms


(Includes: Experiments, Microscopes, all about the Living etc.)

  • Gaining basic science knowledge via a variety of fun science experiments
  • Following step by step instructions and guidance in Mandarin

***Yoga & Much More

(Includes: Kung Fu, Yoga, Hip Hop, Wet Play, Cooking, Planting etc.)

  • Mastering basic posture, motion and basic rules when playing a sport
  • Learning sport related terms in Mandarin