Yukino Metropolis Museum Team Member
Yukino is the epitome of an outdoors girl. Hiking on weekends or out at sea doing water sport activities. Yukino grew up swimming competitively during her high school years. She was a coach for a few years at ESF and continued coaching swimming privately.
Tiffany Metropolis Museum Team Member
I am Tiffany. I have a passion for sports and was a former representative of a Hong Kong sports team. People often describe me as an outgoing and cheerful person and I have a great passion for water sports and culinary arts. Fluent in English and mandarin, I will teach your kids mandarin while they are having fun in our workshops and games.🐼🎓🧁🚣🏻‍♀️
Gloria Metropolis Museum Team Member
My name is Gloria and I am from Hong Kong. Currently, I am studying Social Work at the University of Hong Kong. Taking care of children and interacting with them will be my future job. I have done internships with children and joined various community services that are directly related to children. I tutor primary school kids and play with children who have development issues. So, I am looking forward to spending a joyful summer vacation with the children in MMM Summer Camp!🧞‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️😻
Metropolis Museum Team Member
I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that one minute you can be in the centre of the bustling city and within a 20-minute bus ride you’d be fully engaged with mother nature. I am currently also an aspiring football player with dreams of eventually representing Hong Kong. For the past 4 years, I’ve taught English to multiple age groups, hence my teaching experience, coached the HKU women’s team and picked up a passion for yoga.
Jasmine Metropolis Museum Team Member
My name is Jasmine. I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I recently graduated from Hong Kong International School. For university I’m going to the United States and study psychology. Some of my interests are drawing, baking, and makeup. I love working with kids and can’t wait to meet everyone and explore their passion for the art together.
kayla Metropolis Museum Team Member
Hello! My name is Kayla and I’m a student at the international school KGV. I was born in Liverpool and I am half Chinese and half English. In my free time, I like to go on camping trips with my friends. I have a passion for art and also love writing creative stories. I am excited to create humorous bonds with the children and act as a big sister with them!
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