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Age ( 2 - 3 )

This class involves finger painting, and focuses on process more than results. The children will explore their sense of touch and sight when playing with colours. They will use different tools such as droppers, toothbrushes, flowers, or paint brushes, which will produce different visuals. In creating art, children develop their fine motor skills, creativity, and a way to learn to express themselves. Art is another way for children to express their thoughts and experiences. At the end of the class, the final artwork will be a unique piece, and an inspiration for more art activity.


Age ( 3 - 5 )

This is an introduction to the famous artist, Claude Monet. This class is intended to further motivate the children to explore their surroundings through drawing and painting. At the age of 3, children learn different shapes and colours. When they learn to see and analyse objects into different shapes and colours, they can draw and express their world according to their own understanding. Children will be trying different art materials such as acrylics and pastels. They will explore different art effects including resist art, crayons and watercolor.


Age ( 5 - 7 )

The children will learn more about Claude Monet in this class. They will start by sketching from photos of gardens and landscapes that Monet was painting from. The children will learn basic colour theory, proportions and compositions in a painting. Afterwards, the children can practice their skills while creating their own masterpiece. This class focuses on directing children to express what they observe, and enjoy creating art.


Age ( 7 - 11 )

The children will look at major artworks by Claude Monet, and learn about Impressionism. This class will discuss the elements like light and colours in a painting. The children will be encouraged to input these understandings into their artwork. Their paintings will be a perception of how they see nature, and how they appreciate it. This is an experience for the children to paint as if they are an impressionist artist in the 19th century.



This class is an introductory class for those who are interested in learning to paint. There will be discussions on the artworks by Claude Monet. Students will paint one of Monet’s artworks, and learn the basic concepts in painting such as colour theory. By recreating, students are practicing their painting skills, expressing themselves throughout their own artwork, and discovering what they like and don’t like. Students will gain the basic understanding in creating a painting.

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